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Pinterest Broadens Direct Links Availability to Various Ad Campaign Types

Explore Pinterest's upgraded direct linking options for brands, optimizing traffic and conversions. Don't miss out on this strategic advantage!

Pinterest Enhances Direct Linking for Brands: Boost Your Traffic and Conversions!

Pinterest is revolutionizing direct linking once again, amplifying opportunities for brands to channel more focused and direct traffic from their Pins and Pin ads. The recent expansion marks a pivotal enhancement in Pinterest's quest to facilitate stronger brand connections and drive efficient customer journeys.

Initially introduced in July, Pinterest's deeplinking system gained further advancements in September. This upgrade allows brands to seamlessly guide users to specific pages within their mobile app or URLs, facilitating a smoother connection. This improvement is a game-changer, minimizing the steps needed for users to land on a brand's page.

According to Pinterest, this streamlined process significantly benefits lower funnel goals at reduced costs. Unlike conventional Pinterest ads requiring two clicks, direct link-enabled ads enable users to reach the advertiser's site with just one tap.

This latest announcement broadens the scope of direct linking to encompass various campaign types. Pinterest's goal is to empower brands in utilizing direct links for consideration and conversion campaigns, spanning both image and video formats. The impact of this expansion promises more targeted traffic, yielding responsive outcomes and improved conversions, as reflected in Pinterest's recent statistics.

In the Q3 earnings report, Pinterest highlighted a remarkable surge in outbound click-through rates and a substantial decrease in the cost per outbound click due to the introduction of deeplinks.

Moreover, brands utilizing direct links in consideration campaigns experienced a noteworthy surge of 96% more clicks to their sites compared to previous campaigns on Pinterest, along with a remarkable 38% decrease in cost per outbound click.

This enhancement offers a golden opportunity for brands to establish direct connections via Pins, effectively steering high-intent users towards their offerings. For consideration campaigns, direct links are automatically enabled, while for conversion and shopping campaigns, advertisers can activate this feature through Ads Manager.

Embrace Pinterest's enhanced direct linking today and seize the chance to optimize your traffic and conversions, making your brand stand out amidst the Pinning frenzy!