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Snapchat Reveals New Entertainment Measurement Partnership with Samba TV

Explore the partnership between Snapchat and Samba TV, offering enhanced insights into in-app campaigns for entertainment advertisers.

Snapchat and Samba TV Forge Measurement Partnership for Enhanced Ad Insights

Snapchat has unveiled a strategic partnership with Samba TV, a renowned data and measurement provider, aiming to offer advertisers enhanced insights into the effectiveness of in-app campaigns.

Samba TV, renowned for its TV viewing behavior insights, is extending its services to Snapchat's ad partners in the entertainment vertical. This collaboration seeks to provide advertisers with detailed engagement and response metrics for their in-app campaigns.

According to Samba TV, this partnership is intended to enable brands to better comprehend the advertising value on Snapchat. Leveraging Samba TV's extensive global reach, spanning major walled gardens, over 200 national U.S. networks, and coverage across various digital publishers, advertisers on Snapchat will gain valuable outcome measurements specifically in the entertainment sector.

With access to a vast audience insight network, including 48 million smart TV devices, Samba TV will furnish data on viewership across free-to-air, cable, and streaming TV content. This enriched data will empower Snap partners to assess the impact of their campaigns more comprehensively.

The collaboration enables media and entertainment brands advertising on Snapchat to employ Samba TV's VTR solution, ensuring an in-depth understanding of campaign-driven viewership shifts towards linear and streaming programs. The partnership also facilitates data-driven decisions for optimizing ad spend on the social platform.

Snapchat's drive to provide a valuable connection to younger audiences is further amplified by this alliance. The partnership is poised to deliver specific response data, enabling better attribution of Snap campaigns to viewer outcomes.

Effective immediately, the partnership will soon be accessible to Snap ad partners, enhancing the measurement and evaluation capacities for entertainment marketers within the Snapchat ecosystem.