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Threads Global Release: Hashtags Now Presented Without the Symbol Worldwide

Meta's Threads app unveils tag updates worldwide, offering enhanced search functionality without hash symbols, fostering a user-friendly experience.

Threads Update: Tags without the Hash, Global Rollout, and Improved Search

Threads, the social network under Meta, has undergone a significant update, introducing tags devoid of the hash symbol for posts. This enhancement allows users to tag a singular topic per post, preventing tag overload. The company initially tested this feature in Australia and is now rolling it out globally.

Unlike traditional hashtags, users can incorporate phrases with spaces and special characters. Clicking on a tag within a post opens a search view displaying all posts associated with that tag. To view posts with a specific tag, users can directly type it into the search bar. However, some posts might not use tags but include the same phrase. Users can still manually add hashtags to their posts in the composer.

In a statement, Instagram head Adam Mosseri expressed hopes that this design change would mitigate engagement hacking.

As of now, the Threads app does not include a trending section. However, users might encounter popular tags when tapping on the tag button, facilitating easy addition to their posts.

The platform allows reporting of sensitive topics, covering categories like spam, bullying, scam, eating disorders, hate speech, and symbols. Some users have received warnings about sensitive tags previously reported. The threshold triggering the pop-up for sensitive tags remains unclear.

As noted by my colleague Sarah Perez, a potential issue arises with similar hashtags, potentially limiting a post's reach to audiences searching for specific tags. For instance, variations like NBAThread, NBA Threads, and NBA are concurrently in use for NBA-related content.

Last month, Threads expanded its search functionality to encompass "all languages" in all available countries. Reports suggest Threads is gearing up for an EU launch, aligning with the region's regulations.