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TikTok Encourages Select Creators to Share Videos in Landscape Format

Explore TikTok's unconventional move as it promotes landscape videos for increased views. A shift from the vertical norm, possibly expanding content possibilities and embracing new trends.

TikTok Shakes Things Up: Landscape Videos Now In Focus for Enhanced Views

In a surprising departure from its signature vertical video format, TikTok is shaking things up by encouraging creators to experiment with landscape videos. Screenshots shared by users reveal that TikTok is offering "increased views" exclusively for content shot in landscape format, specifically videos over 1 minute in length.

According to TikTok's statement, landscape videos meeting the criteria will receive a boost in the app for a significant 72-hour period. This move suggests TikTok's intention to diversify its content types and explore new engagement possibilities, possibly broadening its content pool.

While vertical videos have been the backbone of TikTok's success, this unexpected emphasis on landscape format could be part of TikTok's broader strategy. The platform has been actively encouraging creators to post longer videos in various styles and formats through its Creativity Program. Landscape videos might be another ingredient in TikTok's growth mix, aiming to attract more users and maintain a diverse and engaging content ecosystem.

This shift raises questions about TikTok's long-term vision and potential features. Speculations include the creation of a dedicated stream for landscape-only content, introducing new trends and opportunities. Another possibility is TikTok's preparation for the future of viewing, including the potential rise of headset-based experiences where landscape content might find a better fit.

As this experiment unfolds, it remains to be seen how creators and users respond to this unconventional move by TikTok. We've reached out to TikTok for more information on this experiment and will update this post with their response. Stay tuned for the latest developments in TikTok's ever-evolving content landscape.