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TikTok Expands Streaming Presence with Introduction of New Artist Accounts

Discover how TikTok's artist accounts enable musicians to connect with fans, unveil insights, and promote upcoming releases, fostering a deeper engagement.

TikTok Empowers Artists with New Artist Accounts: Enhancing Music Discovery and Engagement

TikTok unveiled a groundbreaking feature on Thursday - artist accounts tailored for musicians. These accounts offer a suite of tools designed to assist artists in expanding their fan base and boosting engagement with existing followers.

Among the array of features introduced, the Music tab stands out, aggregating an artist's catalog and automatically updating it with new releases, simplifying the discovery process for fans. Additionally, "Behind the Song" offers an exclusive glimpse into the creative process behind each track, sharing the story and inspiration behind the music.

These accounts present novel ways for artists to spotlight their work. Musicians can now pin a preferred post atop the discovery page and utilize the "Artist" tag for verification. Furthermore, the "New Release" tag enables artists to showcase upcoming tracks before and after their launch, enhancing visibility within catalog sounds.

TikTok's recent innovations, including the "Add to Music app" feature, demonstrate the platform's inclination towards streaming. The introduction of Artist Accounts echoes TikTok's larger push into the music streaming realm, following the launch of TikTok Music earlier this year. Notably, these functionalities draw parallels to Spotify's artist profiles and countdown pages for new music releases.

Paul Hourican, TikTok's global head of music partnerships and programming, expressed enthusiasm about the Artist Account launch. He emphasized the platform's commitment to empowering artists, creating meaningful fan connections, and driving music discovery through innovative features like "Add To Music App."

TikTok's new Artist Accounts signify a pivotal step in bridging artists with their audience, offering unprecedented tools to foster deeper engagement and music exploration.