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TikTok Introduces New Cutout Option, Allowing Users to Change the Background of Their Clips

Enhance your TikTok videos with the all-new 'Cutout' feature. Easily switch backgrounds without planning. Unleash your creativity with this game-changing editing tool.

TikTok Unveils 'Cutout' Feature: Effortlessly Change Video Backgrounds on the Go

TikTok introduces a groundbreaking addition to its video editing arsenal – the 'Cutout' tool. Shared by Jonah Manzano, this feature empowers users to effortlessly change video backgrounds by isolating the focal point of the clip.

Similar to the well-known green screen effect, 'Cutout' offers enhanced editing capabilities without the need for pre-planning. This is particularly beneficial when you find yourself dissatisfied with your surroundings or struggle with lighting conditions. Whether you wish to conceal elements in the background or simply experiment with various settings, 'Cutout' is a versatile tool offering greater flexibility.

This new editing gem seamlessly integrates into the TikTok composer's toolkit, providing users with a quick and efficient way to transform their video aesthetics. Embrace the freedom to make your TikTok content stand out by exploring the endless creative possibilities that the 'Cutout' feature brings to the table. Revolutionize your TikTok experience with spontaneous background swaps and elevate the impact of your videos effortlessly.