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Vision Pro Demos to Feature Glasses Scanning for Instant Prescription Identification

Step into the future with Apple Vision Pro in-store demos from February 2nd. Explore facial scanning, lens checks, and a 25-minute immersive experience showcasing AR/VR capabilities. The next revolution awaits!

Apple Vision Pro Demos Unveiled: Here's How You Can Experience the Future of AR/VR on February 2nd

Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the release of the Apple Vision Pro on February 2nd can now look forward to in-store demos that promise an immersive experience. According to Mark Gurman's latest Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, the demo process involves Apple Store employees scanning users' faces to configure the headset's light seal, similar to Face ID setup.

For those requiring vision correction, Apple plans to scan their lenses using a special device to determine the prescription. Employees will then fit the Vision Pro with one of the "hundreds" of available lenses and seals, guiding users on device usage. The 25-minute demo includes experiencing photos, videos (including 3D spatial visuals), using the Vision Pro as a computer or iPad replacement, and exploring third-party apps.

While in-store demos provide a hands-on experience, Apple assures users the option to purchase online. However, certain steps, like facial scanning for the right head strap and having a vision prescription ready for $149 optical inserts, remain essential. Additionally, Apple has addressed comfort concerns by introducing a more comfortable strap, though it won't be present at the demos.

Despite anticipation, Apple reportedly doesn't expect sustained demand for the Vision Pro, advising stores to accommodate increased inventory during the initial launch. Rumors suggest limited launch numbers, with plans for a second, more affordable version and eventually AR glasses resembling normal eyewear. As Apple steps into the AR/VR space, competition from Meta and Xreal signals an exciting evolution in the tech industry.