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WhatsApp Introduces Ability to Secure Locked Chats with Secret Code

Discover WhatsApp's latest feature: secret codes for concealing locked chats, enhancing your privacy with personalized passcodes.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Secret Codes for Added Chat Privacy

WhatsApp is elevating its privacy game with a new feature that allows users to hide locked chats behind a secret code, providing an additional layer of privacy from prying eyes. This innovation enables users to keep their locked chats discreetly hidden, even within the app.

As showcased in the example shared by Meta, the secret code can be composed of letters, numbers, special characters, and even emojis. Simply enter the chosen password into the WhatsApp search bar to access your locked chats. This feature aims to prevent others from even detecting the existence of a locked chat folder on your device.

Users also have the flexibility to choose whether they want their locked chats to be visible within their chat list. WhatsApp initially introduced locked chats in May, offering users the ability to secure conversations in a folder accessible only via fingerprint, face scan, or password. With the addition of secret codes, the app further fortifies its privacy options.

Additionally, WhatsApp now allows users to lock a chat by long-pressing on the conversation, streamlining the process without entering the chat's settings.

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, is gradually rolling out the secret codes feature, with global availability expected in the coming months. This innovative addition underscores WhatsApp's commitment to enhancing user privacy and providing greater control over personal conversations.