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WhatsApp Introduces Self-Destructing Voice Messages in Latest Update

Discover WhatsApp's new 'View Once' feature for voice messages, enhancing privacy by enabling disappearing messages post-listening.

WhatsApp Expands 'View Once' Feature to Voice Messages for Enhanced Privacy

WhatsApp has unveiled its upcoming feature allowing users to set voice messages to disappear after the recipient listens to them. While initially confusing to use the "View Once" branding for auditory content rather than visual, the expansion of this feature from photos and videos to audio messages marks a positive step in bolstering user privacy on the messaging platform.

The addition of the "View Once" feature to voice messages brings an extra layer of protection to another form of communication within the app. While the company suggests practical applications such as securely sharing credit card details or planning surprises, the feature's utility extends to various scenarios, including confidential conversations or moments requiring a temporary nature.

Although the official press release from the company highlights specific use cases, there's acknowledgment that the feature could cater to more personal or candid discussions. However, these instances might not align with the platform's family-friendly image, as indicated in Meta's conservative portrayal.

This enhancement follows earlier speculations, which were confirmed through code discoveries by WABetaInfo. The global rollout for iOS and Android devices is expected to occur gradually over the upcoming days. According to previous reports, making a voice note "View Once" might involve tapping the "1" icon located next to the message's waveform during recording, though this feature's activation method may vary upon release.

While the feature hasn't appeared on all devices yet, the forthcoming update promises increased control over the lifespan of voice messages, aligning with WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to provide users with more privacy-centric options in their messaging experience.