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X Extends Audio and Video Calling Features to Android Platform

Discover X's latest breakthrough – audio and video calling on Android! Upgrade for premium perks, secure settings, and a communication revolution. Stay connected like never before!

X Unleashes Game-Changing Audio and Video Calling Features for Android Users!

In a thrilling move, X, formerly Twitter, is extending its dynamic audio and video calling features to Android users, mirroring their successful iOS launch last October. To dive into this cutting-edge update, users may need to update their app, ensuring they catch the wave of innovation.

Enrique Barragan, the X developer, shares insights into this exciting development, emphasizing that while anyone can receive calls, the power to initiate them is exclusively granted to X Premium subscribers. The rollout is currently in progress, with Android users eagerly anticipating the arrival of this groundbreaking feature.

For those seeking an elevated experience, X Premium subscriptions, starting at just $3 per month for the "Basic" tier, offer a range of exclusive features. However, the details on which tier specifically unlocks outbound video and audio calling perks remain a mystery, adding an element of suspense to the upgrade.

Users on both iOS and Android can seamlessly enable or disable this feature through their settings. Navigating to Settings > Privacy and safety > Direct Messages > Enable audio and video calling opens up a world of possibilities. Users can even customize their calling experience by managing who can reach out to them, setting restrictions based on their address book, followers, or those with the coveted blue ticks.

The decision to reserve outbound calling for X Premium subscribers aligns with the company's strategy to attract new members, especially as ad sales face challenges. This approach, familiar with features like Tweetdeck and ad revenue sharing, showcases X's commitment to delivering value to its subscribers. Despite evolving strategies, X remains at the forefront of innovation, as seen in the recent introduction of audio and video calling features on Android. Embrace the future of communication with X!