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X Introduces Feature Allowing Premium Subscribers to Showcase Open Job Listings on Personal Profiles

X expands job listings to personal profiles for U.S. X Premium subscribers, diversifying professional networking and challenging LinkedIn. Will X Hiring become a successful driver of recruitment? Time will tell.

X Expands In-App Job Listings to Personal Profiles for U.S. X Premium Subscribers!

X announces a significant expansion of its in-app job listings, enabling all X Premium subscribers in the U.S. to showcase open roles on their personal profiles, alongside business pages. Previously limited to businesses through a verification package, X's move aims to diversify professional networking and compete with platforms like LinkedIn.

This strategic expansion aligns with X's broader "everything app" plan, positioning itself as a comprehensive platform for various services. X Hiring now puts it in direct competition with LinkedIn, with over 750,000 roles already advertised on the app.

The success of X Hiring will be measured in its effectiveness as a driver of recruitment. While the addition of job listings is likely to see a surge in numbers, the key will be how many roles are actually filled through the platform. It remains to be seen if X will share relevant statistics on the impact of this expansion, but it is anticipated that the job ad figures on X will witness significant growth in the coming weeks as more users leverage personal accounts for listing roles. The move indicates X's commitment to enhancing professional networking and providing a one-stop solution for various needs.