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X Introduces Passkey Access for Users in the United States

Explore the future of secure logins with X's Passkey feature, embracing fingerprint and face ID access. Bid farewell to traditional passwords as X leads the way in online security, following the footsteps of platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn.

Unlocking the Future: X Introduces Passkey Login for Enhanced Security!

In a groundbreaking move, X is revolutionizing user access with the introduction of Passkey login. Ditching the reliance on traditional passwords, Passkeys leverage cryptographic data transfer for a more secure login experience. This innovative approach, endorsed by cybersecurity experts, aims to enhance user security and privacy.

TikTok set the precedent last July by incorporating Passkey support, and LinkedIn is following suit. As concerns over account hacking persist, it's anticipated that all platforms will adopt this advanced security measure.

X, in particular, stands to gain significant benefits from Passkey access. Having phased out SMS two-factor authentication for non-paying users in February, X Premium subscribers retained the option. This strategic move aimed at cost-cutting is expected to save the company approximately $60 million annually.

While alternative authenticator apps remain an option, the introduction of Passkey access as an in-built alternative is a game-changer, especially for users without 2FA enabled. Although not universally available yet, X continues to expand Passkey access to more regions, making it a consideration for those prioritizing security in the digital realm.