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X Introduces Pink App Icon Celebrating Partnership with Paris Hilton

As part of its celebrity partnership strategy, X launches a pink app icon in collaboration with Paris Hilton, exclusively for its Premium subscribers. The move has garnered mixed reactions.

X Announces Celebrity Partnership with Paris Hilton: Pink App Icon Unveiled

X has embarked on a new era of celebrity partnerships, spearheaded by the platform's CEO, Linda Yaccarino. As the maiden voyage into this domain, X has forged a collaboration with Paris Hilton, the former reality TV star, causing quite a stir.

To mark this partnership, X has introduced a distinctive pink app icon, exclusively available for its Premium subscribers. This move is seen as a step towards embracing the "Paris Hilton Era" within the app.

Paris Hilton, a figure who has been in the limelight for three decades, boasts an impressive following on X, with over 16 million followers. Given this, there seems to be a potential upside in leveraging her popularity for promotional purposes, expanding the platform's reach. However, there's a lingering skepticism surrounding the timing of this partnership.

Recent controversies, especially Hilton's association with a debated NFT event, which saw her pocketing millions, have raised questions on whether now is the right time for X to usher in its "Paris Hilton Era".

Regardless of the varying opinions, X has taken the plunge. Those keen on being a part of this era can upgrade to X Premium and get their hands on the exclusive pink app icon. Additionally, the platform has announced that it will be working with Hilton on a series of upcoming activations.