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X Plans to Establish Content Moderation 'Headquarters' in Austin

Explore X's bold step, hiring 100 full-time employees for a new Austin trust and safety office. Amidst challenges, CEO Linda Yaccarino leads the way in enhancing moderation efforts and ensuring a safer digital space.

X Expands Commitment: 100 Full-Time Roles for Trust and Safety in Austin, Texas!

In a significant move, X has unveiled plans to establish a robust trust and safety office in Austin, Texas, with a commitment to hire 100 full-time employees. This strategic decision, as reported by Bloomberg, coincides with CEO Linda Yaccarino's upcoming Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on January 31st, addressing X's approach to handling child sexual exploitation (CSE) moderation.

This dedicated team will focus primarily on CSE concerns, marking the first substantial trust and safety initiative since Elon Musk's acquisition of the platform, formerly known as Twitter. Although the specific responsibilities and the office's opening date remain undisclosed, X has updated a blog post outlining its CSE moderation strategy, hinting at the impending expansion.

According to Joe Benarroch, X's Head of Business Operations, the team's scope extends beyond CSE, contributing to other vital moderation areas like hate speech enforcement. A recent content moderation job posting for X in Austin highlights the team's role in investigating issues such as "spam and fraud" while providing essential customer support. Stay tuned for X's transformative efforts in building a safer online environment.