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X Unveils New Subscription Tiers to Enhance User Engagement

In a bid to monetize its platform further, X (formerly Twitter) introduces two new subscriptions - Premium Plus and Basic, aiming to increase the visibility of user replies.

X Unveils New Subscription Tiers to Enhance User Engagement

X, the social networking titan previously recognized as Twitter, has ventured into novel avenues with the introduction of its new $16/month Premium Plus subscription. This elevated subscription promises users an unparalleled boost for their replies, ensuring enhanced visibility and engagement. A remarkable addition under this plan is the ad-free experience across the 'For You' and 'Following' feeds.

The Premium Plus offering is an extension of the perks associated with the standard Premium subscription, previously identified as Twitter Blue. This package encompasses a host of features, including the much-coveted blue verification checkmark, the privilege to edit posts, extended post lengths, longer video upload capacities, and the security of encrypted direct messages.

But that's not all. Catering to a broader spectrum of its user base, X also unveiled its $3/month Basic subscription. While this affordable tier offers a subtle boost to user replies, it refrains from granting its subscribers the verification checkmark. Additionally, this plan does not promise reduced ads or access to X's media studio. As of now, users can avail these subscriptions exclusively via the web.

The established Premium subscription is available at $8/month when purchased directly. Under Elon Musk's leadership since the previous year, X has been consistently exploring diverse monetization strategies. From charging users in specific regions like New Zealand and the Philippines a nominal annual fee to accessing the platform, to introducing an array of innovative features such as livestreaming, audio and video calling, and even tentative plans to dabble in banking, X's transformative journey is evident.

These strategic moves signify X's intention to bolster its revenue streams, enhancing its platform's value proposition and user experience.