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Bluesky Witnesses Spike in Web Traffic Amid Controversial Twitter Changes by Elon Musk

After Elon Musk's controversial decision to limit free Twitter usage, its competitor, Bluesky, experienced record-high traffic. This shift could represent a significant change in the social media landscape.

Twitter vs Bluesky

Twitter users are reportedly migrating to a different microblogging platform, Bluesky, in response to Elon Musk's latest unpopular Twitter policy. Musk recently declared that non-paying Twitter users would only be able to read a limited number of tweets per day, sparking widespread outrage. In the wake of this decision, Bluesky, Jack Dorsey's latest venture, experienced record-high traffic.

Bluesky operates similarly to Twitter but is built around a decentralized protocol that could potentially avoid the controversies that Twitter has faced. Amidst the upheaval caused by Musk's new tweet limitations, Bluesky's traffic skyrocketed. Although the platform is currently in an invite-only beta phase, the sudden surge in traffic caused some performance degradation, forcing the company to temporarily pause sign-ups.

Bluesky's recent traffic could either indicate an influx of new account activations or an increased usage by existing account holders. Twitter has been facing significant challenges since Musk took over the platform last year, with critics suggesting that the platform could finally be heading towards its demise. However, so far, alternative platforms like Mastodon and Nostr have failed to challenge Twitter's dominance in microblogging.

Even with its small user base of approximately 50,000, Bluesky could potentially disrupt this trend. The platform is nearing the completion of the protocol it is being built upon, suggesting that it has the potential to grow and possibly pose a significant threat to Twitter's status in the future.