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Meta Extends Its Paid Verification for Business Program to Canadian Brands

Canadian businesses can now flaunt a blue check on Facebook and Instagram! Meta's verification program expands, but is the blue tick’s value diminishing?

Meta's Paid Verification Hits Canadian Brands

Oh, Canada! The power of the blue tick on Facebook and Instagram has crossed borders! Canadian businesses can now invest in this coveted badge, as Meta rolls out its 'Verified for Business' program in the country. Starting at an attractive $36.99 CAD/month per platform, brands can elevate their online presence.

But here's the catch: When a verification mark, which once stood for authenticity, becomes a purchasable commodity, does its essence fade? Meta seems to think it's a gamble worth taking.

And they're not just selling a blue badge. Brands opting in get:

  • Vigilant monitoring against impersonation – a protective shield for their reputation.
  • Priority support for any account hiccups.
  • A golden opportunity to top search results and feature as a 'recommended' business in users' feeds, though this perk is still in its testing phase.

Previously, Meta had introduced a similar visibility boost for creators but quickly retracted it. If they don't tread carefully, this could jeopardize user trust in Meta's content discovery methods. If paying content sways search results without proper flags (think Google ads), skepticism might brew.

The concept of selling verification is a double-edged sword. It might water down the value of the 'verified' badge, yet Meta argues it meets a substantial demand. Their goal? Boost small business visibility and tailor offerings as they gather feedback.

To sweeten the deal, there’s a dedicated 'Meta Verified' feed on Instagram, increasing promotional potential. But it’s camouflaged within the app, leaving many users oblivious.

Treading this fine line, Meta's challenge is to strike a balance: lure businesses to shell out while ensuring their algorithm doesn't overly favor paid brands.

Is monetizing verification the best move for user experience? Debatable. But there's demand, and where there's demand, there's business. If flashing a blue tick is on your brand's wish list, the gates will soon be open in Canada!

For a deeper dive into this offering, explore Meta's official Announcement.