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Pinterest Takes a Step Forward in Diversity with Body Type Matching

Pinterest is enhancing its search algorithms with AI-based body type matching to provide more diverse and personalized results. Will this innovation redefine online fashion inspiration?

In a landmark move, Pinterest is rolling out a new AI-based system to include body type matching in its search algorithms, aiming to present users with more inclusive and personalized search results.

By employing advanced computer vision technology, Pinterest's Inclusive Product Team has created algorithms that recognize various body shapes, sizes, and forms within images. This aims to increase the diversity and representation across Pinterest's feeds and search results.

"Inspired by user behavior and culturally critical discussions around body representation," the new feature was developed in collaboration with external experts including the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), model Tess Holliday, and plus-sized Pinterest Creators.

Whether searching for "date night outfit inspiration" or other fashion-related queries, Pinterest users can now expect a more diverse range of results that represent different body types and skin tones. This enhancement will enable users to visualize how certain products might look on their own bodies, rather than on a typical model.

This isn't Pinterest's first foray into promoting diversity. Previous tools have included hair type and skin tone matching to allow users to customize their searches. The new body type feature adds another layer of personalization, ensuring a more inclusive user experience.

In tandem with this, Pinterest is also launching a Creator Inclusion Fund dedicated to North American creators who focus on different body types. It represents the thirteenth installment in a series of initiatives aimed at supporting historically marginalized creators.

This innovative feature could serve as a significant advancement in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the digital space. As many turn to Pinterest for fashion inspiration, the new feature could offer a more realistic and beneficial depiction of items within the app.

Only time will tell if this new approach sets a precedent for other platforms to follow, but it is a promising step in the right direction.

Interested creators can apply to the program here.

Will Pinterest's move inspire other platforms to take similar steps towards inclusivity? Stay tuned to find out.