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TikTok Explores AI Song Generation with Ongoing Testing

Dive into the future of music creation on TikTok! The experimental 'AI Song' feature generates unique tunes based on your prompts, powered by the world's largest language model.

TikTok Unleashes AI Beats: Create Original Music with 'AI Song' Feature!

TikTok is pushing the boundaries of creativity once again, testing a groundbreaking "AI Song" feature that prompts users to generate original music based on text inputs. Screens shared by app researcher Jonah Manzano reveal a simple text command process within the app to create personalized musical accompaniments for your clips.

While the initial examples may not showcase the full potential, TikTok assures users that the "AI Song" feature is an experimental project leveraging Bloom, the world's largest open multilingual language model with over 176 billion parameters. This vast dataset enables the generation of text in 46 languages, promising a diverse range of lyrical options beyond simple prompts.

This innovation appears to be an extension of ByteDance's previous foray into AI music with the Ripple app. Ripple allowed users to sing or hum a melody, and AI would build a track around it. Now, TikTok's "AI Song" feature utilizes the same music creation backbone, potentially empowering creators to craft random viral hits or unique soundtracks for their videos.

Imagine the possibilities if this feature expands to business profiles, offering a copyright-free way to enhance video content with custom soundtracks. Generative AI has the potential to disrupt stock audio by providing unique, freely usable content. While the outputs remain a consideration, TikTok's move into AI-generated music signals a significant development in content creation.

As this trend continues, the potential for copyright challenges looms, especially if AI-generated content resembles established artists' work. Nevertheless, TikTok's "AI Song" feature, currently in testing among selected users, signifies a bold step into the future of music creation within the platform.