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TikTok Introduces 'Out of Phone' Ad Feature to Expand Content Display

TikTok's latest "Out of Phone" feature offers brands the chance to extend their promotions to billboards, cinemas, and various public screens, tapping into the widespread recognition of the TikTok format.

TikTok's 'Out of Phone' Ad Expansion: Display TikTok Content Beyond Mobile

In an innovative move to maximize promotional outreach, TikTok has unveiled the "Out of Phone" feature, letting brands take their TikTok content to the streets, theaters, and even restaurants.

This new feature consists of three primary components:

  1. Out of Phone: Billboard - Brands can transition their TikTok promotions to real-world billboards.
  2. Out of Phone: Cinema - Tailored for cinema screens, it aims to recreate the immersive TikTok experience for movie-goers.
  3. Out of Phone: Other Screens - A more flexible option, this lets brands project their content on various screens worldwide, including those in bars, airports, or retail outlets. This would be in collaboration with the TikTok advertising team.

The initiative taps into the familiarity and widespread appeal of TikTok's format, potentially boosting ad engagement in fresh contexts. Although it offers an avenue for wider reach, the intricate nature of each campaign requires hands-on assistance from TikTok's team, making it a pricier option, possibly out of reach for smaller brands.

A more general display choice is available through TikTok's partnership with Atmosphere, catering to businesses who want to stream curated TikTok content in venues like gyms or restaurants.

However, for brands with the budget and the ambition to reach broader audiences in innovative ways, "Out of Phone" could be the next big thing. Interested businesses should get in touch with their TikTok ad representative to explore this new offering.