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X and LinkedIn Take Steps Toward Passkey Access for Enhanced Security

X and LinkedIn are reportedly working on integrating Passkey access, aiming for a more secure user experience. This move aligns with the FIDO Alliance’s call for better online security.

X, LinkedIn Plan to Integrate Passkey for Secure Login

Leading social media platforms, X and LinkedIn, are reportedly developing features that will support Passkey access, aimed at offering users a more secure and convenient way to log into their respective accounts.

Steve Moser, a well-known technology reporter, discovered new back-end code updates in both apps that hint at upcoming Passkey support. While there has been no official confirmation from either company, the implementation of Passkey is expected to boost security measures significantly.

Endorsed by the FIDO Alliance, Passkeys provide a password replacement offering faster, more secure logins by using cryptographic data transfers. These transfers then enable on-device biometric authentication options, such as Face and Touch ID.

The adoption of Passkey technology is part of an industry-wide effort to enhance online security and combat phishing and other scam activities. According to the FIDO Alliance, “Passkeys are resistant to phishing, are always strong, and there are no shared secrets, making them highly secure.”

Moreover, Steve Moser reports that major tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have also shown commitment towards integrating Passkey into their platforms and apps.

The move towards Passkey integration by X and LinkedIn signifies a crucial step in the ongoing efforts to improve online security. As the technology gains more traction, users can expect an increase in the number of apps offering Passkey as a secure authentication option.