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X App Tests Expanded Profile Bios to Enhance User Context and Engagement

The X app is experimenting with an extended bio section for users, enabling them to provide more details about themselves or their business. This aligns with the platform's move toward embracing long-form content.

X Experiments with Extended Profile Bios for Enhanced User Context

X is testing a new feature that gives users the ability to include more information in their profile bio. Currently, in its experimental phase, the change would allow users to delve deeper into describing themselves or their businesses.

Shared via X News Daily, the app's new feature adds a “View more” prompt under the initial bio summary. This could potentially include details about your business, personal mission, or other important information.

The feature could eventually extend to accommodate shops, job listings, and location info, creating a more comprehensive user profile.

This test fits well with X's ongoing push toward encouraging more long-form content on its platform. The app has already enabled longer posts and video uploads as part of this strategy.

It remains uncertain how users will react to the increasing emphasis on long-form content. However, X’s internal reports indicate a growth in "cumulative user-seconds," suggesting at least some level of increased engagement.

Given that Elon Musk envisions X becoming an "everything app," this move may be a stepping stone toward that goal. An expanded profile bio could be a significant piece of the larger strategy.

While still in its testing phase, an expanded bio section on X could offer a variety of benefits, such as driving more connections and gathering more followers by providing additional context. Only time will tell if long-form content will continue to positively impact user engagement on the platform.