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Aperto Partnership Attracts Director from Mindshare in Latest Talent Acquisition

The Aperto Partnership welcomes David Fenton and Anne-Noreen Keddy as senior consultants, enriching its team amid a crucial role in L'Oréal's UK media review. Their extensive expertise enhances the consultancy's unique support for clients.

The Aperto Partnership Strengthens Team with Key Hires: David Fenton and Anne-Noreen Keddy

The Aperto Partnership, a leading consultancy, has added two seasoned professionals to its team. Former Mindshare commercial director David Fenton, with over 15 years at GroupM-owned Mindshare, and Anne-Noreen Keddy, former UK media operations lead at Pepsico, bring their wealth of experience as senior consultants.

David Fenton, who held various roles at Mindshare, including global commercial finance director, joins The Aperto Partnership as a senior consultant. His extensive agency-side commercial expertise, cultivated over 15 years, adds significant depth to the consultancy's capabilities.

Anne-Noreen Keddy, former senior executive at PepsiCo, Coty, and Procter & Gamble, also takes on a senior consultant role after freelancing with The Aperto Partnership. Her experience as a global media director further strengthens the consultancy's practitioner expertise.

The timing of these appointments aligns with The Aperto Partnership's pivotal role in assisting global cosmetics brand L’Oréal with its UK media review. Managing partner Andrew Mortimer expresses confidence in the value these additions bring, noting that David's commercial know-how and Anne-Noreen's global media director experience will enhance the consultancy's unique support for clients.