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DistroKid Enables Users to Upload Songs to TikTok Music and CapCut

DistroKid partners with TikTok, enabling independent artists to tap into TikTok Music and CapCut. This broadens the horizon for musicians seeking massive audience exposure.

DistroKid Expands Reach to TikTok Music & CapCut

In a transformative move, DistroKid and TikTok have inked a deal allowing a surge of independent artists to leverage TikTok Music, the fresh subscription-based music platform. Moreover, the deal encompasses ByteDance’s video editing marvel, CapCut, boasting a whopping 490 million user base.

Establishing a footprint on platforms like TikTok Music and CapCut offers a golden opportunity for indie musicians. TikTok Music, although nascent with availability in five countries, hints at colossal potential, drawing from TikTok’s massive user count. With DistroKid’s rich musical inventory, it now aligns with the titans - Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music.

Philip Kaplan, the brain behind DistroKid, remarked, “TikTok stands as a colossal force in music discovery. Integrating CapCut and the Commercial Music Library amplifies our reach, especially with TikTok Music’s geographical expansion.”

DistroKid's partnership with TikTok isn't new. The 2019 alliance was a pioneering step, offering a platform for budding artists on TikTok.

One of the major perks for DistroKid artists is the royalty generation every time their tracks grace TikTok videos. Estimates suggest TikTok's generosity at three cents per video, with DistroKid ensuring artists get their full due, barring minimal deductions. The platform's vast distribution channels include music giants like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram, to name a few.

An exciting development is DistroKid’s catalogue's availability on TikTok’s Commercial Music Library. This empowers brands with a rich arsenal for their advertising campaigns. “We anticipate a surge in artist engagement with CML,” a DistroKid spokesperson shared.

DistroKid, a go-to for over two million artists, offers a spectrum of services from distribution and monetization to metadata customization. Their recent acquisition of Bandzoogle amplifies their portfolio with e-commerce capabilities, aiding artists in album sales.

This strategic expansion between TikTok and DistroKid is hot on the heels of TikTok's collaboration with, aiming to bolster its live music event “In The Mix.”