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HP Chooses Prominent British Media Agency to Oversee Global Account

HP continues its strategic alliance with PHD for global media dominance. Uncover a decade of successful collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to transparency.

HP Chooses PHD to Drive Global Media Success: A Decade-Long Partnership Flourishes

In a move cementing a partnership that began in 2009, US tech giant HP has chosen to extend its collaboration with British agency PHD, retaining it for global media strategy, planning, and buying. The decision follows a competitive review process where PHD emerged victorious, showcasing its prowess in a three-month pitch involving various leading media agencies and specialized firms.

PHD, an Omnicom-owned agency, originally secured HP’s traditional media buying account in 2009. However, it fully took the reins of HP's global media business in 2017 after successfully acquiring the digital media buying account from Essence. HP Global Head of Media, Freddie Liversidge, emphasized that PHD's combination of talent, tools, and technology aligns seamlessly with HP's objectives, offering flexibility to support the in-house team.

The choice to stick with PHD was influenced by the agency's global reach, robust strategy and planning capabilities, and a commitment to transparency and accountability, according to HP. The ongoing partnership reflects a mutual commitment to navigating disruption and achieving transformative business goals.

PHD Worldwide CEO, Guy Marks, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "Our collaboration will continue to evolve, bringing the connected intelligence of the global PHD network to augment HP’s in-house team, delivering future-ready marketing strategies for business growth." The decision marks a vote of confidence in PHD as the preferred agency for HP's ongoing transformation.