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Motor Neurone Disease Association Partners with Coronation Street for Collaborative Initiative

Coronation Street teams up with MND Association for a moving campaign on Motor Neurone Disease. Real-life stories unfold in this collaboration to increase awareness and inspire support for a cure.

Coronation Street Joins Forces with MND Association in Powerful Campaign to Raise Motor Neurone Disease Awareness

In a pioneering collaboration, Coronation Street has partnered with the MND Association for "Coronation Street Presents…", a groundbreaking campaign aimed at raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (MND). This partnership integrates the soap's storyline with the MND Association's new advert to create a poignant narrative about the incurable and terminal disease that affects basic functions like walking, talking, eating, and breathing.

The campaign leverages Coronation Street's powerful reach, aligning with a current storyline featuring a character diagnosed with MND. The TV advert, featuring real-life couple Mike and Zoe Sumner, portrays the profound connection people maintain with their loved ones despite the devastating impact of the disease. Coronation Street actor Daniel Brocklebank, whose character's husband is affected by MND, lends his voice to the campaign.

The MND Association, serving as the soap's storyline research partner, ensures that the ad's airtime aligns with the most relevant episodes and plots. The campaign, titled 'The Love Inside,' emphasizes the brutality of MND while highlighting the love that persists despite the disease's challenges.

Additionally, the campaign features Dr. Louise Jordan, a former GP who supported those with MND and passed away during filming. The soundtrack, 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' by artist Roberta Flack, who is living with MND, adds an emotional layer to the narrative.

The launch includes a TV advert, a social campaign, and supporting OOH and print campaigns. Further adverts will unfold at pivotal points in Coronation Street's ongoing MND storyline. Ocean Outdoor and The i have provided complimentary media spend in support of the campaign.

Tanya Curry, Chief Executive of the MND Association, expressed the campaign's importance in reaching a broader audience and capturing the emotional spectrum of the MND journey. The collaborative effort aims to deepen connections with Coronation Street's audience, inspire support, and move closer to making MND treatable and curable.