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Outvertising Welcomes New Joint-CEO to Leadership Team

Chris Dunne, ex-Thinkbox Head of Marketing, assumes the role of Joint-CEO at Outvertising, spearheading LGBTQIA+ representation in advertising. His industry expertise aims to amplify Outvertising's impact.

Outvertising Appoints Chris Dunne as Joint-CEO to Elevate LGBTQIA+ Representation in Advertising

Outvertising, a trailblazing force in LGBTQIA+ advocacy in advertising, announces the appointment of Chris Dunne as the new Joint-CEO. Formerly Thinkbox's Head of Marketing, Dunne brings 20 years of industry experience to this pivotal role. In his previous 18 months as Outvertising's events co-director, he demonstrated dedication, overseeing events like the successful Outvertising Live.

As Joint-CEO, Dunne partners with Marty Davies, succeeding the outgoing Lucy McKillop. Tasked with leading Outvertising's mission to foster better understanding, protection, and nurturing of LGBTQIA+ talent, Dunne aims to elevate authentic representation across the industry.

Combining his role at Thinkbox with the leadership position at Outvertising, Dunne expresses pride in contributing to the group's impactful momentum. In a crucial election year, he envisions celebrating LGBTQIA+ inclusive campaigns and inspiring brands to produce more such work amid rising discrimination and hate crimes.

Marty Davies emphasizes Outvertising's growing influence and ambition, highlighting the need for sustained efforts in elevating LGBTQIA+ issues. The team's focus includes addressing funding models that encourage sensationalized content about the community and reestablishing the commercial case for diverse representation in creative work. With Dunne's extensive industry background, Outvertising is poised for further impact in advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights and representation in advertising.