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Rankin's Photo Series Catalyzes a Potent Acid Attack Awareness Campaign

Renowned photographer Rankin partners with ASTI for 'Tear Couture' campaign against acid attacks. Using fashion imagery, it urges industry leaders to enhance acid control standards.

Rankin Joins Forces with Acid Survivors Trust International in 'Tear Couture' Campaign to End Acid Attacks

In a powerful initiative against acid attacks, Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) has enlisted the expertise of world-renowned photographer Rankin for the 'Tear Couture' campaign. Developed with creative agency McCann Health London, the campaign employs a 'Look Book' featuring acid attack survivor Patricia Lefranc, aiming to shed light on the issue's links to the fashion, textiles, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Rankin, known for his affinity with the fashion industry, expressed his commitment to taking action against acid misuse within supply chains. The campaign includes a foreword by Princess Anne and creatively utilizes fabric and textiles to emphasize the core issues surrounding acid attacks. Patricia Lefranc's personal story is woven into the campaign, with her teardrop even printed on silk.

Through this compelling campaign, ASTI and the survivor’s charity hope to prompt the fashion, retail, and textile industries to adopt more rigorous processes for tightly controlled supply chains. McCann Health London's executive creative director, Guy Swimer, emphasized the need for a hard-hitting message tailored to the fashion and retail sectors. The bravery of Patricia Lefranc in sharing her story aims to contribute to the mission of preventing acid attacks and improving overall acid control standards within the industry.