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Samsung Collaborates with TfL to Re-imagine Tube Map for the First Time in 90 Years

Explore Samsung's partnership with TfL, transforming the historic tube map for the Galaxy S24 launch. 'Circle to Search' brings a new search experience. Catch the campaign at major London Underground hubs."

Samsung's Galaxy S24 Introduces 'Circle to Search' Feature with TfL's Iconic Tube Map Redesign

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Samsung has joined forces with Transport for London (TfL) to reimagine Harry Beck’s timeless 1933 tube map design. This transformation is part of Samsung's promotion for its latest Galaxy S24 smartphone, introducing the innovative 'Circle to Search' feature developed in partnership with Google.

The traditional tube map undergoes a creative shift, adopting a circular design with the prominent words 'Circle to Search Line' integrated into the iconic TfL roundel. This design tweak mirrors the enhanced search functionality that Samsung's new feature offers, allowing mobile users to effortlessly search for any item they see by circling the image using their finger or S Pen.

Annika Bizon, Samsung MX Division Director of Marketing, expressed excitement about the partnership with TfL, stating, "We’re thrilled to partner with Transport for London to bring our new technology to life for people across the capital with this exciting redesign of the iconic TfL Tube map."

Crafted by the creative agency Iris, the out-of-home campaign strategically places itself across five Circle Line platforms: King’s Cross, Blackfriars, Westminster, Liverpool Street, and Paddington. Station entrances at Victoria will also feature the innovative redesign.

Managed by media agency Starcom, the campaign is set to run until February 13, targeting an estimated footfall of up to 11.7 million passengers. With over 100 advertising sites, the campaign aims to generate a potential 152 million impressions.

TfL Customer Director Emma Strain shared her enthusiasm, stating, "We’re delighted to partner with Samsung on this exciting reimagining of our iconic map for the first time in 90 years. Partnerships like this help us and brands engage with hundreds of thousands of people who pass through our stations every day." This collaboration not only promotes technological innovation but also revitalizes a historic symbol, offering a fresh perspective to the millions traveling through the London Underground.