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System1 Secures Impressive Achievement with Acquisition of 200 New Clients in One Year

System1 reports a stellar 46% YoY sales increase, driven by 60 new client acquisitions. With partnerships with industry leaders and revenue growth in key tools, including 'Predict Your data,' the platform positions itself for sustained success in the coming years.

System1 Soars: 46% Sales Surge & 60 New Clients in Q4!

In a triumph for marketing effectiveness platform System1, the company has achieved a remarkable 46% increase in year-on-year sales, propelled by the acquisition of 60 new clients in the last quarter alone. This success adds to the 200 new clients secured throughout the current financial year, establishing partnerships with renowned brands such as Pfizer, M&S, Tesco, and Toyota.

Notably, System1 has expanded its reach by forming key partnerships with leading ad-supported broadcast and cable networks in the US, Roku TV, Radiocentre, Aardman Animations, and Fuse OMD Worldwide.

The financial report reveals a substantial jump in sales, reaching £8 million, marking a 29% increase year-on-year. The 'Predict Your data' tool contributed significantly, experiencing a remarkable 53% growth, amounting to £5.2 million. Additionally, 'Improve Your data' sales witnessed a commendable 16% rise, reaching £1 million.

System1 Group CEO, James Gregory, expressed enthusiasm about the company's trajectory, stating, "We are executing our go-to-market plans and building out ever-improving customer propositions, creating the momentum to grow further over the coming years." The platform's strategic approach and impressive results position it as a leader in the marketing effectiveness landscape, promising sustained growth and innovation.